About Us

CrossFit 2200 is powered by the Live Well Fitness Group, which has been serving the St George community since 2006.

Since 2014 CrossFit 2200 has been recognised by the Bankstown community for providing a safe and effective, high-intensity training experience in a supportive community environment through our proven programs and expert coaching staff. Unlike traditional gyms, we focus on our members as individuals, and provide the tools, support and accountability they need to achieve sustainable results.


CrossFit is an international corporation dedicated to improving health through nutrition and exercise. CrossFit is founded on the
first precise, scientifically rigorous definition of fitness, and the program produces observable results that can be measured and
replicated. These results are seen in numbers logged in gyms and medical labs, and the data confirms that CrossFit greatly improves both athletic performance and health.


CrossFit’s simple yet potent nutrition prescription is combined with a general-physical-preparedness program that can be modified to challenge people of all ages and abilities—an Olympian or an elderly, overweight, chronically ill individual who has never worked out before. All CrossFit participants become measurably fitter and healthier as they reduce intake of refined carbohydrates and use constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements to reap the benefits of improved work capacity across broad time and modal domains.


Our Core Values


Celebrate Success - Work Together - Respect & Support Others    

Constant Improvement

Be Better Every Day - Learn New Things - Go Above & Beyond


Work Hard - Be Responsible For Your Actions - Show Up




Enjoy Life - Love What You Do - Smile


Our Philosophy

Our mission at CrossFit 2200 is simple... to utilize the most optimum methods in discovering our members' limits which will foster the most possible gains in fitness and health.


We do this by focusing our training on functional movements (like pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, running), executed at high intensity.  This means that, instead of rows of spin bikes and weight machines our gym is full of barbells, pull-up bars, kettle bells , jump ropes, plyo boxes, climbing ropes, dumbbells, and plenty of open floor space.


It also means that, at CrossFit 2200, you will never be bored with your workouts.  Every day you will be provided with a workout program that is suitable to your fitness level.  You will never have to program your own workouts or spend hours in the gym completing them.


At CrossFit 2200, we believe that fitness is an evolving journey, one that never ends. We are constantly assessing, testing, and re-assessing our strengths, weaknesses and limits. Everyone’s journey will be different. Our goal as a program is to never become complacent. There is always a way to better ourselves, our prescriptions, and our goals. We want CrossFit 2200 to be a place where asking questions is not only encouraged but seen as THE ONLY WAY to truly know that we are heading in the right direction. We want to help one another grow by removing personal limitations.

“The only way to know how strong, fast or hard you can go, is to keep testing your limits”


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